About Us

PK Towing Company is one of the leading companies in towing industry, with the major endeavor to help people who approach them for their provisions. Our focus is to cover all features of towing to increase the rank of auto towing industry through consumer evaluation. To work professionally we provide you with the prompt services in towing business. We attempt to use the most advanced tools, cleanest trucks and the newest equipment. We also employ the most knowledgeable and courteous office staff. In turn, this provides the highest-caliber and most well-tuned team in Canadian Tertiary.

To offer our customers with specialized work force that work as a team to provide professional towing and recovering services, always ready for quick response at lower rates and above all acts with sincerity and integrity.

To emerge as a cheap towing company in both the industry and moral standards through constant development and training, while having a major focus on full customer satisfaction.


  • To encourage excellence through teamwork
  • To further develop our services and expertise across the country
  • To endeavor for progress in all dimensions of our business
  • To continuously support the morals and ethics in our industry practices
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