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Car Locksmith Auto Lock

Car Automotive Locksmith Services

Welcome to PK Towing, the premier company offering automotive locksmith service to its valued customers. PK Towing also provides other useful services including car locksmith Mechanic services and Auto Electrician expertise as well as Auto-Mobile Engineer assistance. As market leaders for our industry we employ top professionals across various domains who possess vast knowledge in each one. To accomplish our dream we employ top professionals for these areas as well.

Automotive Locksmith Technology

Furthermore, We possess expertise in Car Automotive Locksmith technology. As security is of primary concern to us, we use only world-renowned technologies in our work and employ roadside assistance tools as required to protect you against security risks and avoid damages to vehicles and lock systems.

Automotive Locksmith services available around the clock 24/7 Emergency

Concerned about alarming lock and key emergencies that can strike at any moment and to anyone, our 24/7 auto locksmith service ensures immediate availability in an emergency situation. Furthermore, should your key get lost and now prevent you from doing your normal activities, don’t panic; don’t fret: just contact us immediately – and get on with life without delay.

Let our experienced, highly-trained personnel do what we have become experts at doing with the tools provided. Emergency roadside response has long been part of the downtown emergency roadside response network. 

Car Lockout Service

Vehicle Unlock Car Locksmith Services

Indulge us to handle it for you today with Vehicle Unlock. As either a driver or passenger, being locked inside an automobile or any vehicle can be an extremely distressful situation. When our rescue team responds quickly to such calls for help, our rescue team can arrive there within an hour to assist.

Car locksmith service will make every attempt possible to help get you out of that vehicle as soon as possible, as such situations are known to pose severe threats to one’s mental wellbeing. They offer instantaneous relief on site.

Resolve Automotive Locksmith Issues

At PK Towing, our mission is to assist residents of Toronto, Canada, in dealing with auto locksmith-related problems they often experience. Be it at an office, apartment complex or vehicle – no matter the age – our cutting edge equipment and techniques offer solutions and assure safety for you and your vehicle.


Our car locksmith service in Toronto is conveniently accessible. Should you ever require our assistance, simply let us know and within an instant our experts will serve you using Car locksmith technology.

Professional Car Locksmith Services

Additionally, it should be mentioned that our staff are highly experienced. Thus, when providing car locksmith solutions without damaging the vehicle whatsoever. Furthermore, we employ cutting edge technologies in our quest to assist all our valued clients.

One of our more prominent methods is duplicating keys. Our experienced professionals help ensure a secure combination of crackers to unlock your vehicle quickly. Duplicated keys also act as protection from potential mishaps that might otherwise arise, giving us both peace of mind in times of trouble.


By employing modern tools, our tow truck locksmith professional can open car doors quickly without leaving any scratches behind.

Tow Truck Locksmith Department

Our Auto Locksmith Department at PK Towing strives to offer our customers unparalleled expertise by using cutting-edge tools. These are indispensable, making us always ready and willing to assist whenever a concern regarding a vehicle arises; particularly during these cold months when many avoid leaving home unnecessarily.

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