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Car Locksmith Auto Lock

Car Automotive Locksmith Services

Welcome to PK Towing, the best-ever company that provides automotive locksmith service to its valued customers. It also facilitates other useful services.  For example, car locksmith Mechanic, Auto Electrician, Auto -Mobile Engineer, etc. Though, we are now the market leader in car locksmith industries. Although to fulfill this dream, we have hired top professionals in each domain. They have in-depth knowledge of their respective fields.

Automotive Locksmith Technology

Moreover, We have expertise in Car Automotive Locksmith technology. We are well aware of your security concerns. Therefore, we are utilizing the best possible and world-renowned technologies. It will protect you from any kind of security risks. In case, the use of appropriate tools for roadside assistance is very important in modern lock systems. However, it is a necessity to do so to avoid damage.

24/7 Emergency Automotive Locksmith


Concerning the alarming lock-and-key emergencies that can occur whenever and to anyone. We have made sure that 24/7 emergency auto locksmith service is always available. Furthermore, in a situation where you lost your key somewhere. Then, now you are paralyzed to do your routine activities. Don’t bother, just contact us.

Let us do what we have specialized to date with equipped tool set. We are highly trained successful people with experience in Downtown emergency roadside response.

Car lockout service

Vehicle Unlock Car Locksmith Services


As a driver or a passenger, getting locked in the car or any vehicle is a most miserable scenario. In this type of situation, when you call us for help. Then as soon as our rescue team will reach there.

They will first do their best effort to get you out of that very vehicle. Because these drastic situations can cause serious negative aspects to your mental health. You should keep away yourself from these situations. Our Car locksmith service can surely help you on spot.

Resolve Automotive Locksmith Issues

Hence, PK Towing was founded with the vision to overcome auto locksmith-related issues. They are often faced by the residents of Toronto, Canada. Whether it is your office, apartment, or your vehicle. So, you can find the latest solutions. We have updated equipment and the last techniques that can ensure your safety.


Our car locksmith service is easily accessible throughout Toronto. So, whenever you need our help just let us know. In a very short period, you will be served by our experts. And also with Car locksmith technology.

Professional Car Locksmith Services

It is also pertinent to mention that our staff is very qualified. So, while doing a car locksmith solution, your vehicle will not be damaged at all. Because we use the latest technologies to assist our valued customers.

One of our prominent methods is ‘duplicate key’. Because our responsible professional helps you with a safe combination of crackers. They also provide you duplicate keys to just unlock the vehicle. Hence, they are providing you a strong shelter from any kind of serious mishap.



By using modern different kinds of tools, our tow truck locksmith professional can open the car door in very little time. Then, it will without giving any scratch.

Tow Truck Locksmith Department

Our auto Locksmith department is aimed to provide hands-on expertise to our customers by introducing the latest technologies. The tools are of such importance and utilization that no one can deny their worth at all. In short, PK Towing is always ready to facilitate you whenever you are worried due to your vehicle. Also, especially in this winter season when many persons from the community avoid leaving their premises unnecessarily.

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