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Testimonial on Website

The level of towing service at PK TOWING is fantastic. You can check our testimonial on website. Having been a customer for many years. However, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member.

I have come in contact with. So, thank you In this day and age. So, it’s hard to find a cheap towing company you can trust.

PK TOWING was recommended to me by a friend. Now I know why the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Testimonial on website by Client

Testimonial on website: A very special thanks to PK Towing who provided me with exceptional service. So, breaking down far from home is a nightmare. But my experience was made much, much better. Again, thanks to PK Towing’s kindness, service, and expertise.
Much thanks,

S. Hudson: My daughter was stranded with her broken-down car late at night. But, your courteous and helpful driver came to her rescue. So, thank you for helping our daughter when we couldn’t be there for her.

Towing Service

  • PK Towing had great towing service. When I was a bit worried about my vehicle’s flat tire. But it wasn’t a problem at all. I love using their cheap towing services when I’m ever stuck in such a situation again.
  • The PK Towing Professionals were quick, courteous, and very helpful. They helped me in towing my vehicle to the nearby service station. So,  I was worried it wouldn’t be done in time. As I was on my way to attend an important event. But they finished the job with time to spare.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews On Google My Business Profile

  • I made a wise decision by using PK Towing for my stranded vehicle. Then, It was simpler than I anticipated. However, customer Service was fantastic and quick to respond to my critical situation. So, the patience was incredible. The service provided exceeded all expectations. Then, thank you so much, PK Towing.
  • Last Week, while traveling towards Mississauga, suddenly my car stopped without any significant reason. Then, I was much worried about what to do now. So, I simply searched for efficient and cheap towing service on Google, and Boom. PK Towing was there. After calling them, their team arrived at my given location within 15 minutes which was also very remarkable.

Feedback from Customers

Specifically, they provided me best towing service.  Hence, they also done arrangements for me as well to drop them off at my home.

  • I called PK Towing Service. Because I was stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. So, not only did they come to my rescue with a jump start. But they were also able to tow my car to the nearest service station. Again, thanks, PK Towing Service.
  • The PK towing service was wonderful. Because they arrived very quickly and were able to help me get my car unlocked. So, I would recommend them to anyone who needs a tow or car lockout.
  • Truly, I was very happy with the service I received from the PK towing company. So, When I got a flat tire, they were able to change it for me quickly and easily. Hence, I will use them again if I need a tow.
Testimonials on website
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