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About Us

Towing Company Toronto

Towing Company Toronto Since 2015, our goal has been to assist those visiting us for supplies with significant efforts. Thus, when you reach out our Towing company Toronto team will always treat you and your vehicle with respect – with 24/7 availability of Toronto Tow Trucks available as backup.

As an established Toronto Towing Company, we pride ourselves on offering quick towing services so that your business runs professionally. Therefore, we use modern tools, clean trucks and equipment in providing our services.

When moving a vehicle between locations, the last thing you want is being left stranded on the side of the road wondering what steps are next. That is where towing companies like PK Towing come into play – here in Toronto alone they provide top-of-the-line towing service that you can rely on when needed! Here are just a few reasons why choosing them as your go-to towing provider would make sense:

towing company in Toronto

Train Staff – Towing Company in Toronto

As well as employing only knowledgeable and considerate office employees in between classes, this has resulted in us developing one of the best-trained squads available within Canadian Tertiary Education.

At Toronto Towing Services we aim to cover every facet of auto towing services across Canada – customer feedback gives us the ability to improve this sector.

At PK Towing in Toronto, we understand the value of prompt and professional towing services. When calling us in times of stress or emergency, our expert team works together seamlessly to make this experience as stress-free as possible for our customers. With experience to tow any type of vehicle safely and efficiently.

Towing Company Toronto Services in other Cities

Other cities nearby Toronto can take advantage of affordable towing services provided by Towing Company Toronto, such as Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Scarborough and Pickering in Ontario. Services we offer include battery jump start services; roadside assistance services for vehicles locked with keys; auto lock key replacement. Key locksmithing; services in Snow Hill region such as tire replacement; as well as auto accident related assistance services.


Mission of Our PK Towing Company Toronto

At our Toronto towing company, it is our aim to offer customers an experienced workforce. As such, they work in unison in providing professional towing and recovery services at competitive rates with quick response times at lower costs while always acting with sincerity and integrity.


Our aim is to become an affordable towing company by upholding both ethical and industry standards, in order to fulfill full customer satisfaction through continuous development and training. Thus, as Toronto Towing company we seek to deliver only top services.

Affordable Towing

One of the primary considerations people have when needing their vehicles towed is cost. At PK Towing, our affordable rates don’t compromise quality – that is our promise to you. We know you don’t want to break the bank when towing is needed so we work closely with you in providing top quality towing at a fair cost.

Safety First

At PK Towing, road traffic safety is of utmost importance. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to make sure that your vehicle is transported without incident or damage – knowing its importance to you we take great measures in handling it with care and dedication.

Customer Satisfaction

At PK Towing, our goal is to deliver excellent customer service. Our friendly, professional team strives to go above and beyond in meeting all your expectations for an experience you won’t forget! Your feedback helps us continuously enhance our services.

Are You Needing Reliable, Professional Towing Service? Look No Further than PK Towing for Reliable and Cost Effective Towing Solutions

Goals of Towing Company

Further, our Company has set goals.

  • At Towing Company Toronto, our mission is to foster excellence through teamwork.

  • Furthermore, our objective is to expand and deepen the services and expertise provided throughout Canada.

  • And finally, to strive towards growth across every aspect of business practice.

  • At the core is morals & ethics in industry practices which we continually support as part of business ethics practices.

Testimonials for Towing Company Toronto

Here’s some testimonials for Towing Company Toronto from satisfied clients.

  • Your attention and services went far above and is beyond what was required of them in helping get us back on the road quickly, saving our vacation.


  • I would definitely recommend your company and give a triple A rating as thanks.


  • Absolutely saved the day. My car broke down on the highway, and Tow Truck Toronto came to the rescue within 30 minutes. Professional, friendly, and got me back on track quickly. Highly recommend their services.


  • Tow Truck Toronto was prompt, courteous, and handled my vehicle with care. From start to finish, they made a stressful situation much more manageable. Thank you


  • Tow Truck Toronto is my go-to for any roadside assistance needs. They’ve helped me out of several jams, from flat tires to dead batteries, always with efficiency and professionalism.


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