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Etobicoke Towing

Towing Etobicoke Services

Looking for towing services in Etobicoke City or GTA? Look no further. Give us a call if your automobile has issues or you find yourself on the side of the road, towing Etobicoke services have seen increased demand since their debut last month and this was our next major goal. We were proud to unveil Etobicoke’s premier tow truck after its successful rollout.

Since towing and roadside assistance are among the primary needs for people living anywhere, towing services like ours in Etobicoke may become essential during periods of fluctuating monthly snowfall levels.


Etobicoke experiences snowfall for approximately 4.6 months of the year from November 22nd until April 10th with 31-day snowfall of at least one inch per month from November to April 10. February usually sees the greatest accumulation with an average snowfall of approximately 3.4 inches making roadside assistance and towing services one of their primary needs for people living there.

Thus, we offer highly technical and quality towing services at highly affordable rates with technical, equipped, and active workers at work.

Prompt Towing Etobicoke Services

At last, we understand what it is like to find yourself stuck without anywhere to go and no way home. That is why our goal is to reduce that anxiety for anyone else in a similar position.

Have you been driving down an unfamiliar highway late at night and struggling to locate gas or have your GPS failed? Look no further for roadside assistance and towing services than us. We provide 24-hour roadside assistance as well.

Simply stated, our team can assist with all your vehicle-related needs from minor issues such as flat tires to more serious ones such as engine or transmission failures. Furthermore, we work closely with clients in an attempt to restore their vehicles back to pre-accident state as much as possible.

Towing Etobicoke

Professional Team

Since 2015, PK Towing has maintained interactions with its community by offering high-quality car locksmith, vehicle towing, emergency battery services as well as battery boost and duplicate key services. Over this time, we have focused our energies and professionalism on making positive change happen for many individuals and companies in our local region.

So if you find yourself in Etobicoke with vehicle issues requiring roadside assistance and towing service, rest easy, knowing you no longer need to stress about these matters.

At PK Towing, you can rest easy knowing your car will be taken care of during its absence. Our facility even takes care of paperwork related to renting vehicles. So that when it comes time to depart for vacation, you do not experience any additional difficulties with retrieval when returning. No hassles are required.

Your vehicle is one of your many assets, so we understand its significance to you. That is why we provide unparalleled roadside assistance and Etobicoke towing, getting you back onto the road as quickly as possible, no matter the circumstance or situation. No matter the time or day. We have got you covered.

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