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What to Do If Your Car Has Been Towed?

Car Towed

Imagine this after carefully parking and locking your car as is typically done, nothing goes amiss on an evening out with friends only to discover after some time that the local council towed away your vehicle for parking in an illegal street space – what now for car towing Toronto services? Unfortunately, almost every driver has experienced something similar at some time or other and this experience can be both stressful and disorienting – searching “car towing near me” may also provide useful results.

But should this happen again, there are certain things to keep in mind if this situation arises. One is how to get your car towed. Here are 10 useful guidelines if your vehicle has been taken.

First step to checking whether your car was wrongfully towed
Check to see whether your car has been towed
As soon as your vehicle has been towed away, take steps to determine its fate immediately. Ask the parking attendants or check yourself. If no sign of your vehicle can be seen nearby then its likely been removed for safe keeping by authorities.

Once your car has been towed, the next step should be finding out where it has been taken from you. One option would be calling up your local towing company and inquiring where your car has been taken or asking any nearby parking attendants of who towed your vehicle.

Cost to Retrieve Car Towed
Once your car has been towed, pay a towing fee before retrieving it – depending on where you reside this could range anywhere between low to very high depending on local regulations or asking the parking attendant where your car has been taken from you. There is no standard national cost involved so always consult them or the parking attendant about fees before retrieving a towed vehicle.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the towing fee, or don’t qualify for free retrieval due to poverty, proof may be provided at a reduced or waived price by providing appropriate documentation such as copies of recent pay stubs or letters from state/federal financial assistance programs; contact your local towing company today if this option may apply to you.

Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Taken Have your car been towed and aren’t sure where it went? Contact the towing company directly – find their name and details via your city’s Department of Transportation office, ask any parking attendant in the vicinity, or just Google it – in order to discover where it has gone.

Once you’ve called a towing company and requested information on where your car has been taken, they should inform you of where it has been stored in their facility. If any problems arise in getting this data, feel free to reach out the Department of Transportation; they can handle this situation on their end.

If your car was towed for any specific reason – for instance parking illegally in a disabled spot without showing proof or blocking fire hydrants – you have the right to request an administrative hearing to dispute this tow in most states and cities; usually by filling out an appropriate form with your Department of Transportation office.

If you dispute that your car was towed, you must present evidence at a hearing and pay an administrative fee; fees vary by jurisdiction but often come out less expensively than full towing charges. If successful at court, any court hearing fee can be returned, although additional expenses might still accrue such as paying fees to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Parking violations can make retrieving your car even harder, and may force you into court proceedings to retrieve it. This is particularly likely if they towed your car for parking violations such as illegally parking in disabled spots and tow only zones, as fines will vary by city and may include storage charges as well. It is wise to double-check with authorities first if going this route as the fines/storage fees could change before going before court proceedings commence.

If you opt for towing services, negotiate for lower fees; it could even get your car returned free depending on which company and circumstances of its removal are at play. If at any point in the process of car removal is unclear to you, call the Department of Transportation for help and ask.

If you still feel lost, seek help from either a parking attendant or police officer.
If after following all the above steps and still confused on how to retrieve your car, seek assistance from either a parking attendant, police officer, or any official in the vicinity – they should be able to give advice as to the most efficient course of action and ensure you do not lose it.

As you navigate your situation, consider hiring a lawyer. Attorneys specialize in this kind of thing and will guide you more quickly through the process than on your own. If you don’t know where to look for one, family and friends might offer suggestions of qualified individuals to consult.

Losing your car to towing can be an upsetting and confusing experience, but following these steps should make the experience smoother than you expect. Your vehicle should return as quickly and without additional stress or confusion along the way.

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